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Dealer Advantage Package

The advertised used motor vehicles were previously owned and used by at least one other owner.

Accordingly, these motor vehicles will reflect such use in its physical condition. In light of this, Bell Mitsubishi will provided me the aftermarket option of having the dealership prepare
the vehicle for my use and enjoyment. I understand that this preparation may include the following
services as needed:

  • A 24-step hand wash, where the vehicle is then dried by a combination of compressed air and plush microfiber towels.
  • The paintwork and glass is decontaminated to remove embedded road grim and industrial fallout/pollution as best as possible.
  • Tires are dressed with a protective coating and the trim is dressed and protected to help fight fading and discoloration. These services will not remove all paint and cosmetic imperfections.
  • All glass is cleaned to remove light water spots and road film.
  • All paintwork, plastic lenses, chrome and wheels receive a Resist-All application with a 1-year limited warranty against loss of gloss.
  • The interior is thoroughly vacuumed followed by shampooing to remove lightly embedded dirt and statins to the best of our ability.
  • All leather receives premium leather rejuvenation cleaning and conditioning to nourish and help maintain the essential oils in the leather.
  • Interior surfaces are treated to help prevent stains and is covered by a limited-year warranty against food stains.

Body panels of the vehicle have a special registration applied for antitheft purposes, this registration comes with a 2-year $2500 payout policy if the vehicle is stolen and declared a total loss and a 2-year key replacement policy should you lose a key. You will also receive a 6 month/6,000 miles limited powertrain service contract (certain vehicles may not qualify for service contract and the sale price was adjusted accordingly). This package is offered with an additional fee ranging between $1995- $9995 and is based on the individual vehicle. The customer may voluntarily opt out of have these services performed.